PACS @ 35: Evolving Perspectives on China and the Chinese

PACS@35: Evolving Perspectives on China and the Chinese

The rise of China is without doubt one of the defining events of the 21st century. China’s growing role in world affairs associated with its rapid rise as a major power has attracted scholars to pursue the various understandings of China and the Chinese. In an effort to contribute to the discourse, the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies (PACS) celebrates its 35th founding anniversary by hosting a 3-day symposium series that presents varying perspectives on China and the Chinese.

Proposals are open for the first two days of the symposium, which are allotted for PACS members who are interested in presenting papers that address the symposium theme “Evolving Perspectives on China and the Chinese.” Topics in any area of China/Chinese Studies are welcome. PACS hopes to present a multifaceted understanding of China and the Chinese by hosting insightful interrogations that draw from various disciplines and knowledge practices.

On the third day of the symposium, there will be a panel of scholars who will discuss the post-Duterte Philippine relationship with China.

Interested presenters should submit the following:

1. Short Bionote (150-200 words)

2. Abstract of the Presentation (150-200 words)

Submit to:


30 January 2022 – Submission of requirements

12 February 2022 – Notice of acceptance

12 March 2022 – Day 1 (PACS Members Panel)

19 March 2022 – Day 2 (PACS Members Panel)

26 March 2022 – Day 3 (Post-Duterte Philippine Relationship with China)