Research Themes of Chinese Politics through the Times

Grace Guiang

School of International Studies and

Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies, Jinan University

Vol. 16 (2022): 153–176 | Download PDF


Over the years, China’s economic growth and political influence have drawn more scholars to the study of Chinese politics not only from China but also from many other countries. Thematic debates in the field emerged as a result of historical events in China’s domestic development and the international environment. This paper examines the events that developed the research direction as well as the scholarship and opportunities available to international students over time. It argues that the United States’ position in the international system and its relations with China have had an impact on developments in the field. This paper begins with a background on Chinese politics. The second section discusses leading generational debates, the contemporary research direction, and the themes found in the works of scholars. The third section explores recent platforms, such as think tanks and social media, which serve as new avenues for experts to share their observations and insights. This section also acknowledges China watchers as novel experts in the field. Finally, the fourth section identifies some challenges for international scholars in the study of Chinese politics.


Chinese politics, China studies, China watchers